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I enjoy reading food blogs and always aspire to try more recipes.  In my lazy version, sadly, there are no colorful, mouth-watering photos—at least not today.  Here is what I have been eating for the past week, since my spouse pulled the potatoes from our soil.

Potato Soup

A yellow-fleshed potato such as a yukon gold works very well here.  Use what you have as long as it is not a baking potato.  Forgive the lack of measurements.  I’m assuming you’ll use a lot of onion if you like a lot, and base the proportions on the amount of vegetables you have on hand.

onion, celery, garlic.  sauté these in olive oil.  subtract celery if you must.

stir in herbes de provence blend.  this is a mixture of marjoram, thyme, savory, basil, rosemary, sage, lavender, fennel.  (fennel-haters, don’t be scared.  you barely notice the fennel in the blend.  really.)  if you don’t have this blend on hand, add the herbs you like.  rosemary with potatoes is especially tasty.   or an Italian seasoning blend is nice.

add carrots, diced potatoes, broth.  (I only use vegetable broth).  bring to a boil.  if you are making a big batch, feel free to use half broth and half water, as the herbs and vegetables will give it plenty of flavor.  when potatoes are just tender, turn heat low to let the flavors develop.  if you have a bay leaf, drop it in the pot.

when you serve, stir in your favorite greens if you have any on hand.  kale and chard hold up very well, but spinach works, too.

the soup is very flexible.  I have added Italian seasoning, some garbanzos, and pintos (in lieu of kidney beans) for a minestrone variation.  Another day I added curry powder in place of herbs and sweet potatoes instead of carrots.

Improvise and enjoy!


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