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in the woods

fox warren today. an actual, multiple-entry point fox warren. i saw it with my own eyes, on a family walk in the woods on our farm. the residents, to be sure, stayed hidden. i’m sure they were appalled by our canine sticking her snout into their doorways. my spouse indicated that the home had been made by groundhogs, then forcibly taken over by the fox family. an unsavory custom of foxes, perhaps, but amazing nonetheless. i knew we had red foxes, more than one family, living here, but i had not expected to be so close to their home. a few times i have caught glimpses, but red foxes are rather shy and quick to dash away. one morning last spring a fox was on the edge of our garden beds, likely tracking a rabbit. i stood transfixed until he slinked away through the cover of marsh grasses. i would love to write a poetic nature essay in response to today’s discovery, yet at the present i am too awed, too struck with the excitement of it. oh, the daughter’s plans: to wake up before the sun and walk silently with her father into the woods, to catch a glimpse of scarlet canines on their way home from breakfast. i will awake just in time to sit on the porch, steaming mug of coffee between my palms, watch my daughter canter home across the field, wild glimmer in her eyes and grin ear-to-ear. Vulpes vulpes, you have captivated us.

Photo, alas, is not my own, but from Wikimedia Commons. Woodcut image © AllPosters


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