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scribblings on various bits of paper, scattered upon my desk:

sacrificial spirit

“your hands & your brains can make an impact”—Leymah Gbowee, Nobel laureate

what we do for good happens through us

Matt. 16

Hannah Crafts, Bondswoman’s Narrative

There is only one question:
how to love this world. —Mary Oliver


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freedom writers

On this birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the poems of the brilliant Sonia Sanchez have been floating through my mind. Out of her immense body of work, today I especially am reminded of “9 haiku (for Freedom’s Sisters).” There are so many artists, writers, educators, and others working to inspire work for peace with justice. All day I have been asking myself, what am I doing for peace and justice? what am I doing to carry on the legacy? what poem will my life write?

May I be given the energy and the creativity to make even tiny steps toward the future envisioned by Dr. King, his predecessors, and all those working today to continue the work to which he gave such strong leadership.

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